Joseph’s Digital Artefact Ideas

Prior to choosing a DA idea there were a multitude of facets I could’ve taken solely out of being interested in the various routes of producing a digital piece of media. I cut it down to 3 various ideas each with their own different platforms and methods of creating content, these include;

An Instagram Meme Page for UOW Students

This was an idea I thought of after seeing the success of Instagram accounts that based their content off of HSC struggles and Australian high school in general. The content they used were memes and I was gravitated towards it as I have experience making original memes from an original content meme account I used frequently in high school, the main issue with this however was that I didn’t think it would be sustainable and I’d see myself getting bored of it after a matter of time due to how niche the content would have to be and how little creative freedom I would have. The limitation of not being on campus would have definitely hindered the diversity of the content being produced and ultimately would have made it stale after a while.

A Rambling Podcast

Starting a podcast was actually something I intended to do after I graduated high school, I even spoke to a couple of people who were interested in being potential co-hosts. The whole idea of being able to talk freely and discuss all matters and events whether they’re current or a thousand years old is what enticed me the most as it allowed such creative freedom. I’ve been an avid listener of podcasts such as Rhett & Link’s Ear Biscuits & the H3 Podcast for years so a lot of inspiration would have come from their way of discussing extremely unique topics weekly and their directionless way of presenting topics in a humorous fashion. However, being able to find time to record & edit the podcast as well as keep the content flowing well for such a long period of time (potentially 30 mins+) was something I felt would become harder and harder to do as time progressed as well as being able to find guests and create available time to record might have become an issue further down the line, resulting in me opting out of this idea for a DA.

Commentary YouTube Channel

Similar to the idea of the podcast, this is a creation I’ve had interest in starting for a while. The YouTube channel would consist of short videos ranging from 5-10 minutes and the topics of each video would vary with witty jokes and comedic editing being the focal point. This idea is the route I will most likely head down as it gives me the creative freedom I desire as well as a more concise way of presenting, unlike the idea of a podcast. With an array of ideas already listed on my phone, an issue I can see arising is a lack of content ideas to make, however, to counter this I could potentially use crowdsourcing on my Twitter & Instagram as a means to both promote the channel and gain ideas for videos. Due to these reasons I believe this is the optimal Digital Artefact I can create and will therefore be the idea I pursue.

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