BCM 114 Pitch – Food 4 Thought

Food 4 Thought is a YouTube channel that is created by me and will feature short and simple rambling videos.

On this channel I intend on producing short 5-10 minutes of content weekly with a comedic vision, something that is extremely popular on the platform (a style of video used by sWooZie, TheOdd1sOut & Jaiden Animations). 

With everyone being trapped inside amidst this pandemic and YouTube being one of the largest forms of entertainment on the internet with viewership doubling since the pandemic, I believe my DA has the potential to become a source of entertainment for many people both under the current circumstances and in the long run. This is due to the fact that I intend on targeting my videos towards an audience who has the ability to relate to the content I’m producing and stories I’m telling resulting in a demographic of younger people who also have their own experiences with the obscurities of the internet and awkward public encounters. With videos being uploaded weekly, they’ll be promoted via my personal social media accounts with snippets posted on Tik Tok as a way to garner more attraction to them on a platform that is primarily used by the audience I am targeting. 

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