food 4 thought – beta

Going into my digital artefact I had a feeling that the largest issue I would encounter would be garnering attention to my content, being a YouTube channel this is a normal problem I found based on an array of videos I watched and articles I read in preparation for my digital artefact.

The biggest focus when working on content was ‘quality over quantity’ hence why I decided to shift the amount of videos I was posting from weekly to fortnightly, in order to give myself as much time as possible to create content that is up to a higher standard as opposed to lesser quality but more frequent videos. Other small iterations such as background music were concepts I tested and found to be useful as I felt that added a different atmosphere to the video.

The increase in views, watch time and subscribers is a result of

I used Instagram a couple times to promote videos they were released but despite the large audience. This was where Reddit became an extremely useful alternative, the subreddits dedicated to growing YouTube channels are an extremely quick and efficient way to promote my channel and videos. Within the first day of posting my channel to a few subreddits that focus on small YouTube channels I not only garnered a 10 view spike in my most recent video but also 4 new subscribers and feedback from a viewer who watched my video and found a large flaw in its production.

Instagram being used as a means to gather feedback and content ideas
Subreddits based around helping small YouTuber’s were a useful way in creating a feedback loop with my audience and build traction.

All in all though, from now and the start of my digital artefact the changes have been rather minimal with this being due to the longer time it takes for content to be produced and the small assortment of videos I currently have available, this however is something that will eventually change as the Digital Artefact progresses further down the line.

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