BCM 212 – Brainstorm

As someone who has been studying remotely for the last year and finding no overwhelming issue with it I am thinking of researching how fellow BCM212 students have found the transition to online learning and whether they preferred it in comparison to online learning. With online learning slowly fading away it would be interesting to grasp an idea on how people have adjusted to remote learning and whether they now prefer it to face-to-face learning because of its convenience, their distance from the campus or their capabilities using technology. 

This is a topic that is important to me as I am a student who lives fairly far from the campus so remote learning had an array of benefits for me and it would therefore be interesting to see if any other students can relate to this. Overall this is an important topic in general as online learning is an enormous change to learning especially during the first year of university for a large portion of BCM students.

I believe that this topic will be fairly engaging as it is a matter that affects the entirety of BCM students and therefore will be seeing a vast amount of varying results and opinions on how online learning has benefit or hindered students from across the degree.

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