Hi BCM 222! I’m Joseph Sahyoun and for my visual essay I am going to be exploring the sort of light Orientalism presents the East in to the West and whether or not it has been positive or negative.


Daily Mail.  Brighton West bandstand, built in 1866, 2016, viewed May 7 2021, <http://melbourneblogger.blogspot.com/2016/07/orientalist-architecture-in-victorian.html >

One response to “BCM 222 – VISUAL ESSAY PITCH”

  1. You got a very direct and easy understanding introduction for your pitch, strong and straightforward topic choice makes me kinda curious whats your opinion on the implication of Orientalism in films, pop culture, art and even architecture, from a point of view of an Arab student. I like how u choose the images u used, its bright and eye-catching, and draws audiences attention and works well with the minimal use of words. And the additional of your vocal explanation makes me understand your whole pitch more in depth. You got a very interesting choice of sources too, “Reclaiming Identity: Dismantle the Arab stereotypes”, when you says you’re looking into the positive and negative, i think it is a very good source to use for your visual essay, especially from the angle of ‘reclaiming identity’. 🙂


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