BCM 212 – Research & Reflection

Twitter Poll #1

Twitter Poll #2

Twitter Poll #3

Twitter Poll #4

As a whole, Twitter Polls were a useful way to gather anonymous background information to better understand the essential info regarding BCM212’s studying experiences.

Link to Google Form


Google Form Results


For my topic that explored how students have adapted to online learning and if they prefer it to on-campus studying after having done it for a year now I used two main platforms to conduct research, those being Twitter & Google Forms due to their anonymity and easy accessibility to the target audience.

A large positive in my research process was the amount of results I was able to garner. With over 100 votes across 4 twitter polls and 12 responses on the Google Form, there was a large sample size to gather results from when collecting research for analysis. This was particularly due to the fact that this was a topic that all students could relate to and this played a large role in selecting it as a research topic, many students could have a say in the research and would all have varying experiences in how they adapted to online study.

One of the largest downfalls in my research was my failure to adhere to my Gantt chart I created earlier in the semester to ensure that there was a clear direction and path in the completion of my research and my task as a whole. To my own detriment this meant that I was unable to secure an interview as it fell through when securing a time to meet it up for the interview which hindered the vastness of my research and the results I was able to garner. For future assessments I would definitely prioritise in-person interviews or even the utilisation of a sample group so I can get more vast results from a wider group in a significant amount of less time. I found these were the main flaws with my task as a whole.

Original Gantt Chart from Task 2 (Above)

In summation, the use of Twitter and Google Forms were incredibly useful to my research however, for future endeavours it would be of great benefit to utilise interviews or sample groups as a research strategy.


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