The Hip-Hop Field Site

Since last week I have made some alterations to my Digital Artefact , first and foremost I am now doing a Twitter account as opposed to an Instagram account and I will be focusing on Hip-Hop culture and news as opposed to solely just memes. A Spotify account will also accompany the Twitter page that will be weekly updated and filled with rap songs that are garnering attention that week and are popular within the community.

As an avid listener of the genre and someone who is well immersed in the Twitter community this seemed like a no-brainer as it allowed me to continue learning and gathering information on a topic I’m interested in on a platform I’m extremely familiar with.

This week when adapting to this new path I drew out a field site that revolved heavily around the Twitter Hip-Hop community, an already pre-existing society that is highly regarded as one of the key places to gather news and information surrounding the Hip-Hop community. 

Image via Reddit/HipHopImages

Twitter is also incredibly useful to study ethnographically as it is possible to view what content is gaining traction through retweets, comments and likes. By immersing myself in the audience and in the comment section of tweets I will be able to see how the audience interacts with posts and the public persona that the account creates, this will be done via unobtrusive observations. Accounts such as @KanyeWest , @GothamCityRap & @SHREKRAP will all be observed as these are all extremely prominent figures within the online rap community who all provide differing content to the Hip-Hop public sphere on Twitter.

In unobtrusive observation, whether the researcher is concealed from those being studied or visible to them, the purpose of the observation is unknown to the subjects of the study.

Empirical Political Analysis –
Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methods

Below is the diagram of my field site, it includes the target audience of the project as well as a breakdown of both virtual sites, the content that will be created and the most prominent figures in the Hip-Hop community as well as what they provide to the Hip-Hop Twitter community.

Due to the fact that Twitter is an incredibly diverse landscape with a wide audience using scholarly sources to be better informed and educated on the platform will be essential. A journal titled “Understanding the Demographics of Twitter Users” gives a detailed breakdown of the platform include stats and statistics on the audience that use the app which will be useful in understanding the wider audience of users. 

So in conclusion and in the lead up to the pitch I will apply these changes accordingly and create a product that is able to connect both Spotify and Twitter into one, a prospect that is both exciting and interesting.

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