What I’ve Learnt so far + Beta

Following the pitch I received a lot of positive feedback regarding the use of the Spotify playlist being intertwined with the Twitter account, as a result of this I have definitely placed a higher importance on ensuring that the playlist is both up to par with similarly themed ones as well as ensuring that it is constantly updated. 

One of the largest pieces of information I have received in researching this is the importance of qualitative research as opposed to quantitative research. Not to discredit quantitative research as it shows that there is a numbered audience viewing the product and can gather statistics on a larger scale, however, having qualitative research allows for a more personable and specific collection of data. 

In the instance of my Digital Artefact where no two users are alike qualitative data will always take priority, as mentioned earlier this is ultimately the opposite of the hypodermic needle theory.

General comments I gathered with this form of research was that my spotify playlist was played by users and that my tweeted opinions were agreed with by other people on the platform, both of which are simple but simple forms of information that can be brought into the final research report.

So in accordance with the timeline I set out in the pitch, the final three weeks of this project will entail the following;

  • Remain posting content on the same basis
  • Begin gathering research of all forms
  • Keep the format of the content identical to what it has been the last 3 weeks
    • 8 tweets a week + 2 memes + updating the playlist

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