Reviewing my Reviews, Pt.2!

As the semester nears completion now is the perfect time to look at my fellow peers’ beta’s and see how they’re work can allow me to learn before heading into the final research report.

After reviewing and observing three different digital artefacts there has definitely been some major takeaways surrounding how I am aiming to complete my final task as well as how to view and critique other people’s work.

“Making the writing process more collaborative through peer review gives students opportunities to learn from one another and to think carefully about the role of writing in the course at hand.”Benefits of Peer Review.

One of the largest bits of info I took away from this process is that although it may be easy to constantly appraise the work I’m looking at, it is a lot more beneficial to both me and the creator if I offer some form of constructive criticism. Doing this allows me not just to show them what they’re doing wrong, but also what they can potentially pick up heading into the final task, from there they can decide whether or not to take my recommendations on board but after all, it is better than nothing. So as a result of this, telling my peers what I believed they were doing right was important but telling them where I think they can improve or what they can implement was just as important.

Finally, heading into the research report now is the time to be gathering as much data as possible from my audience as well as publishing as much content as possible is just as vital, so having the opportunity to view how other people are aiming to go about the final weeks of the task was really useful as well as seeing how people who are using different platforms to me such as Twitch and Instagram are going about collecting their data.

These were essentially the main takeaways I gathered while working on my comments, I look forward to showing you guys my final project in two weeks, until then I’m out!

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