BCM 206 – More Memes!

So for my digital artefact I will be reviving a meme page I started as a high school student under the name @Memeiated, I have already sifted through the page and unarchived some of the posts I feel best encapsulate the content I hope to produce throughout the semester.

I will aim to put out atleast 3 memes a week on the Instagram page all being original content from me. I will find the templates on subreddit communities such as r/MemeTemplates and r/Memes and post them to the account using hashtags that relate to the content to gain as much traction as possible. I will also be curating content online to see what memes and news are circulating to make the posts as relevant to current times as possible.

Meme pages have always been one of the more popular content creators on the platform with accounts such as @Shitheadsteve and @Mememanmyles boasting follower counts of over millions of followers, therefore there will always be a demand for this sort of content. However, perhaps more importantly is the benefit this would have to the progression of my folio of work. I am majoring in Digital and Social Media so continuing to grow my online presence and body of work in content creation is incredibly useful for the long term. 

The audience I am hoping to reach is the same demographic from when I first started the account. People around their teens who use Instagram on a regular basis and who already follow a handful of pre-existing accounts who produce similar meme based content and who are in tune with current news stories so that they’re able to understand the context behind a large portion of the content being produced.

Overall, the tone of the page is to be light in nature, a meme page that will be producing content based on current affairs and popular meme formats at the time, feel free to follow the page and keep up to date with its progress throughout the semester!

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