BCM 313 – A Reflection

When preparing the presentation I was lucky enough to already be in close contact with my interviewee. For this task I spoke to Joe Davis who is a Mixed-Martial Arts fighter and also my close friend. The interview itself was an interesting experience as I am already fairly familiar with his job and everything surrounding it but hearing an in-depth perspective about how the impact it has on him and the way he lives his life was an insight I had never really given much thought into. 

Joe gave a pretty thorough explanation of the preparation and planning that he has to undertake when preparing for his fights. According to Taplogy.com Joe is the #1 ranked fighter in Australia & New Zealand boasting a perfect 6-0 record and this was evident in the way that Joe conducts himself both as a fighter and as a person. He was incredibly professional and easy to work with when completing the interview. He was also very well-spoken which made for a much easier time pulling key quotes and understanding the points he was trying to convey when talking about his experiences. When asking him if he was available for an interview it was as easy as scheduling a date and setting up a microphone to have a conversation. 

The interview itself gave me a newfound level of respect and understanding for what he does. Learning how busy his schedule is was incredibly interesting and even motivating when applying it to my own career because he manages to make it work and find time to do everything he loves whilst still staying motivated to work hard and push himself in order to attain his goals within his field of work.

As someone who is studying journalism I found this interview to be related to my future of work because of how interesting his line of work is. I wanted to interview someone with the most unique story possible given how diverse the range of interviews can be within the industry. 

Having known Joe for so long I knew that we shared very similar values and ideas when it came to work ethic and staying motivated to reach our goals so having the opportunity to talk to him about it in a more formal manner allowed for me to evaluate my own values and relate it to the journalism field of work. The main quotes I pulled from the interview definitely came from moments that resonated with me and that I feel best related to my own career whilst simultaneously answering the questions that the task had presented. 

When presenting the interview I opted for a slideshow with key excerpts of quotes that Joe said throughout the interview so that it was easily digestible for the audience and the main quotes were emphasized. Joe also provided me with photographs taken from his fights that helped add more visuals to the presentation. This format was also incredibly successful in allowing for the class to acknowledge the key quotes and takeaways as the chat was filled with multiple people typing key quotes and statements made by Joe throughout the interview.

All-in-all I found delivering the presentation to be a success. Being so familiar with Joe, his career and the subject as a whole I was confident in presenting and answering any and all questions. A specific question in regards to how I felt Joe’s work ethic and commitment to his own career related to my own was a question that stood out to me because despite the fact I felt prepared to answer it I made me think regardless, about how despite the two fields of work are so different they both require a similar level of commitment and work ethic to complete tasks to a high standard and Joe’s dedication to working out and dieting properly is evidence of this.

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